These are the players who represent us at events and tournaments. We have two teams, one that represents Griplocked in professional divisions, and another for amateur divisions. If you're interested in being part of team Griplocked, fill out our application.

What does Griplocked sponsorship offer?

1. Griplocked covers entry fees to all tournaments you play in.
2. Need discs and gear? Griplocked covers it.
3. Place in the top three of a tournament? This comes with a hefty bonus.
4. Instant entry into any Griplocked hosted events.
5. You receive a discount code and gain a commission on all sales using that code.

Blade Baham Gabriel Hernandez
Current Rating: 957
Started Playing: Winter 2017
Favorite Course: Lakeside at Selah Ranch, TX
Favorite Disc: Discraft ESP Buzzz
Current Putters: EV-7 Firm Penrose

Social Media: @bladebaham32
Current Rating: 997
Started Playing: July 2020
Favorite Course: Munson Park, TX
Favorite Disc: DD Soft Justice
Current Putters: Luna

Social Media: @gambitohdez
Jaden Rye Philip Lawrence
Current Rating: 993
Started Playing: July 2019
Favorite Course: Fountain Hills, AZ
Favorite Disc: Innova Destroyer
Current Putters: Royal Bullet

Social Media: @jadenrye00
Current Rating: 956
Started Playing: Spring 2020
Favorite Course: Hideaway DGC, TX
Favorite Disc: ESP Nuke
Current Putters: Hard Roach

Social Media: @chillyphilly2448