Selected: White | Purple | S2F1 | 174g
Sale price$11.99


Speed: 2
Glide: 5
Turn: 0
Fade: 2.5

Type: Putter
Stability: Stable

When you need a bit of extra glide to get your putter to the basket, look no further than the Guard. The Guard can handle some power, and it excels as a neutral flyer when used off the tee or for upshots. With a deeper profile and beadless rim, the Guard will help you protect against those dreaded low putts!

Plastic Information:
For the player that has to have more flexibility but still wants to retain a great grip. Classic Soft is made with the chains in mind. While you will give up a little distance on a full power shot, the chain grabbing nature of this plastic will win back many more shots than it loses. The goal is to get into the chains. This plastic does it better than any other.

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