Color: Orange | Silver Stamp S4F3 - 180g
Sale price$9.99


Speed: 5
Glide: 5
Turn: 0
Fade: 0

Type: Midrange
Stability: Understable

The Anubis is a straight-flying, all-purpose, precision mid-range disc that will fit into the bags of both novice and professional players. Every player can count on the Anubis to hold the line whether thrown for shorter approaches or for longer distances off the tee. The Anubis will help players to fine-tune their throwing skills by flying precisely in accordance with the release from the hand.

Plastic Information:
D-Blend plastic is a basic, inexpensive plastic blend (compare to Innova DX plastic). It has good grip and medium softness. It is more easily beat-in when used than premium plastics, but it preferred by many players for putters and mid-range discs where grip is important.

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