Color: Glow | Silver#2 | S3F1 | 175g
Sale price$19.99


Speed: 5
Glide: 5
Turn: -0.5
Fade: 1.5

Type: Midrange
Stability: Stable

This workhorse mid fits perfectly in the gap between the out of production Vector and Axis. With a modern profile and enhanced GYRO® effect, fans can expect noticeably more glide than the Vector and a tick more stability than the Axis. With that added stability and glide, the Reactor will carve up any fairway you can imagine. Swooping Anhyzers? Check. Booming Hyzers? Double-check. The first member of MVP’s next generation of midranges, the Reactor is sure to reach critical mass this season.

Plastic Information:
Eclipse Plastic is the brightest and longest lasting glow plastic on the market. For MVP and Streamline, the entire disc GYRO rim included glows. While with Axiom just the flight plate glows.

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