Selected: Orange S5F2 - 169g
Sale price$12.99


Speed: 3
Glide: 3
Turn: -1
Fade: 0.5

Type: Putter
Stability: Understable

The Proxy’s defining flight characteristic is its ability to hold a straight flight at high speeds, but demonstrate the low-speed straight properties of a much more understable model’s ending stage.

The Proxy is designed to exhibit the neutral straight-flying characteristic of classic “main” putters. Rather than requiring an extra wind-resistant overstable complement solely for harder throws, the Proxy is able to lock in with a similar high-speed stability as the Envy.

Plastic Information:
Electron plastic is a soft yet durable plastic that holds it's grip in humid and wet conditions. Firm and soft flexibility plastics are available. Cosmic Electron as bursts of color.

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