Selected: Yellow #1 S4F3 - 172g
Sale price$8.99


Speed: 4
Glide: 3
Turn: 0
Fade: 1

Type: Midrange
Stability: Stable

Mid-range design that has a similar flight path to putters. Little bit more speed and glide will take Axe further than your putters. Flight path is stable and straight with a nice finishing fade. Profile is low, but with its small dome you will have a great grip on it. Axe fights against the wind and you can trust it to fade. Axe shines on medium long drive shots when you need the most accuracy you can get.

Plastic Information:
The Ground plastic has been designed to offer great grip in any weather: hot, cold or even rainy. The material is flexible and sticky also compared to other plastics it does have more glide. In time Ground plastic will straighten and you can add another one to your cycle to keep lineup simple.

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