Selected: Blue #1 S4F3 - 172g
Sale price$8.99


Speed: 7
Glide: 5
Turn: 0
Fade: 1

Type: Fairway Driver
Stability: Stable

Point and shoot type of fairway driver. When you need more distance and control, you can really count on Cosmos. Designed to be understable for beginners, flight characteristic is straight with some turning. Tight courses and holes are the most used places for Cosmos; with confidence and the right tools, you will hit tiny gaps and minimize your score.

Plastic Information:
The Ground plastic has been designed to offer great grip in any weather: hot, cold or even rainy. The material is flexible and sticky also compared to other plastics it does have more glide. In time Ground plastic will straighten and you can add another one to your cycle to keep lineup simple.

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